In an added effort to provide your horse with quality care, we offer in the field horse dental services. Dental exams and teeth floating are essential to your horses health. 

Reasons for regular dental check-ups: 

  • Avoid tooth loss due to abnormal wear or other conditions
  • Help your horse avoid unnecessary pain
  • Help your horse maintain healthy and functional teeth
  • Eliminate foul breath

What does a horse dental exam involve?

Horses can experience many of the same dental issues that humans do, including, periodontal disease, and necessary tooth extraction. Regular dental exams and dental care can help you avoid the costliness of involved dental procedures and can help prevent your horse from unnecessary suffering and premature tooth loss.

Horse dental exams involve sedation, oral speculum placement and head lamp evaluation of all teeth. This exam allows us to evaluate for trapped feed, fractured crowns, abnormal teeth and other conditions.

If you would like to schedule dental care for your horse, call our office to schedule an appointment, and allow your horse to experience a healthy smile!

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